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Smart Shield Property Management is a full-service property management company that creates value for our landlord clients through effortless communication tools and our proprietary processes. We understand that you have far better ways to spend your time than dealing with all of the daily intricacies of owning rental property. We offer a turnkey style of management service and handle every aspect of managing your Charlotte area property with great attention to managing your costs and maximizing your revenue. As investment property owners ourselves you can rest assured that we are managing your property as if it were our own.

Our Services

All of our plans are offered on a month-to-month basis with NO long-term contract. As a result, our team knows that we have to work hard to earn your trust and keep your business every single month. We understand that the needs and budgets of our clients vary and, as such, we have developed a suite of management plans to match. Check out our Landlord Pricing page, for more information on our plans and pricing.

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Our Management Plans include the following standard features:

You Never pay for Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning between tenants

Other than any initial cleaning and carpet cleaning that may be needed (or touch up cleanings just prior to a tenant moving into your home) you will never incur these costs again! Why? Because we charge the tenants a separate cleaning and move out fee that covers the cost of normal cleaning and carpet cleaning for you. We do this because, under NC and SC Landlord Tenant Law we can’t withhold these costs from their security deposit. This is just another way we increase your investment return.

We offer a nine month guarantee on any tenant we place.

If for any reason our tenant is in default of the lease, we will find you a new tenant at no additional cost. Check out our guarantees page for more information on this and all of our guarantees.

We provide a $1,000 Pet Protection Guarantee.

On all new leases, Alarca charges a monthly Pet Administrative Fee to the tenant and provides a $1,000 Pet Protection Guarantee at no additional expense to you. This program will cover pet related damages caused to the home, above normal wear and tear, resulting from the approved pet(s) that is not covered by the security deposit. We offer an optional increase, for only $9 per month you can increase your Pet Protection to $3,000! Check out our guarantees our guarantees.

We offer Eviction Protection for only $15 per month.

This service offers peace of mind and eliminates the extra Eviction costs for you. We will cover all of the filing fees, attorney fees and attend court at no additional cost to you. This may not be available for every property, but please ask if you’re interested.

We send you periodic assessments about your property.

This includes move-in and move-out condition videos and Annual Property Assessments while the home is occupied. We also have quarterly and semi-annual assessments available. These assessments are another tool we use to minimize your risk and assist in the maintenance of your investment.

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