What We Do Differently

When you’re looking for a property management company, they can all start to look the same. That’s not the case, however, and choosing the wrong company can be a costly mistake. Here are the top ten things that sets Smart Shield Property Management apart from the competition.

Zero-Risk Authorization Agreement

There are no long term contracts. We want to earn your trust and confidence every month, so we sign a month to month agreement with you. There is never a fee to cancel our agreements.

Free Smart Home Conversion

We upgrade your property to a keyless smart lock at no cost to you! This is an important technological tool that allows us to fill your property fast. When tenants move in, they love it. This technology also gives us the option to add a smart home thermostat. You borrow the lock from us for as long as we are managing the property.

Custom Lease for Landlord Protection

We designed a custom lease that protects your interests in every possible way. This lease automatically renews every year with a pre-set rental increase. You’ll never have to worry about a month to month lease.

Asset Protection

We do not simply require a tenant to obtain and maintain renter’s insurance, we actually maintain our own asset protection plan for your property, which the tenants pays for. This provides gap coverage in the case of accidental catastrophic tenant damage.

Air Filter Delivery Service

We do not simply require the tenant to change the air filters. We actually mail them the air filters with a date stamp to ensure this happens. And then we check the filters on any of our periodic property assessments.

Professional Photos & Video

You would think every management company does this; think again! Check out any of our listings and you will see the clear difference. When we market your property, we only have one opportunity to make that very important first impression with potential tenants. That means we only use professional photographs and a detailed video. On average, we get our properties rented within 17 days of listing them.

Periodic Property Assessments

We periodically go inside the property and take a look around so we can be sure the tenant is taking good care of the property. We check air filters, and look for red flags such as unauthorized pets and residents, evidence of smoking, and other lease violations. You have the option for us to do this quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


Every property management company uses some technology, but we are committed to using best in class technology in every facet of our business. We use it for processes, checklists, communication, route mapping, e-signatures, appraisals, maintenance, and accounting. It allows us to give you an efficient and effective service. Sometimes we joke that we are a technology company that does property management… but, seriously!

Third-Party Monthly Audit

Sounds boring (and it is!), but this is actually critical to ensure that your money is protected and you can sleep soundly at night. By law, any property manager is required to do monthly bank reconciliations. But, many don't and there are too many stories of property managers losing or stealing money. So, we expose ourselves to a third-party monthly audit to perform and seal all our reconciliations and verify your money is safe and secure.

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Industry Leaders

The minimal level of continuing education for property managers is 8 hours per year. Smart Shield Property Management and our staff are committed to going above and beyond with our industry education. We are active in the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and other professional organizations so we can bring you the best ideas in the business. So active, in fact, that our company owners, and consistently serving as officers in our local, regional and national affiliations.

We Own Rentals, Too!

We know what you’re going through as a landlord, and we have skin in the game, just like you. It helps us to be better managers of your investments. We treat your property exactly the same as we treat our own.

Flexible Fee Options

We understand different landlords have different budgets, needs, and goals. So, we provide options, and you’ll find one that fits for you. Check out our pricing plans to see which one is best for you!

How We Do It

We have just given you the list of the top twelve things of “what we do” that sets us apart from the competition. But, even more importantly is the top three ways of “how we do it”.

Effortless Communication

Many clients sign up with us after leaving another management company because the other company was simply not communicating clearly or at all. That is a big deal to us because you are trusting us with a huge asset. We have built out a robust communication platform that is designed to anticipate your questions before you even know what they will be! And when you do have a question that needs further attention, we have an entire team of staff that is dedicated to nothing but answering your question.

Proprietary Processes

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Many management companies mean well, but are operating without proven, documented processes that they follow every time. At Smart Shield Property Management, we obsess over developing and documenting perfected processes for every single thing that we do. We do not use out of the box solutions, but customize everything we do, so our clients receive the smartest service and protection. The catch is that there is no such thing as a perfectly complete process, because the world around us is constantly changing and so constantly adapt and perfect our processes to match the current realities.

Create Value

Our company mission statement is to create value. We hunt down every nook and cranny that we touch and create value in that space. We create value for our team, our landlords, our tenants, our vendors, local real estate agents and our referral partners. We are ready to create value for you.

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