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Want to close more listing business in Charlotte, NC? Add rent vs sell alternative to your presentation

As a real estate agent, the first issue that is probably on your mind is how to close more business and increase your revenue. In this post we offer you a very simple tip that will make a world of difference between you and other real estate agents in the business. 

Let us imagine a common situation: you have to do a listing presentation to a prospective client that wants to sell their property. Be reassured, other real estate agents will spend just as much time as you explaining why they are the best choice to close business. But why would the client trust you instead of anyone else?

Trust creates new business

Having worked in rental property management for a long time, we believe that the client trust is the key differentiator that brings in new business. Prospective clients will choose you over your peers if they trust you, and that will happen only if you make the effort to become, more than their sales agent, their trusted advisor. 

How can you advise your clients? By simply laying down lucrative options for them. Ask them, for instance, whether they have considered renting as a better alternative to selling. You may think that this goes against you goal of selling that property, and indeed, it does. But do not be scared. Your customers are there because they have already decided to sell, so the chances that they will change their mind just because you proposed to rent are minimal.

Rent vs. Sell

What you will achieve by laying down options for them is far more important. By proposing an alternative from which you derive no benefit, you will stand aside as a professional that cares about that client’s business and prosperity. You will rank much higher in your customers’ eyes than your peers, which will increase your likelihood of closing that deal.

For those customers that would like to know more about renting their house and about the benefits that renting may bring over selling, you can partner with a rental property management company and refer them for more information. That will equally increase their trust in you because you are able to refer them to a specialized business in the field. 

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