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Want a consistent monthly income as a real estate agent in Charlotte, NC? Invest in rental property

Real estate agents live off commissions, but income is not always predictable, and cash flow can become problematic especially in the slow winter months. How to avoid income imbalances from one month to the other? By investing in rental property. Below we discuss why a rental property investment is the ideal solution for a consistent monthly income. 

Living off commission has its ups and downs. Real estate agents may experience months when income skyrockets, but also very slow months, especially in winter. Extreme imbalances in your income can affect your ability to pay bills, mortgages, and so on. One of the best alternatives to avoid this situation is to have a source of passive, consistent income. Investing in rental property yourself is ideal for many reasons.

Here it is why:

  • CHARLOTTE IS A GREAT REAL ESTATE MARKET. Charlotte has been already for some time a great market for real estate. In recent years, property investments in the greater Charlotte area have increased in value with an average of 4 to 7% per year and the trend will continue in the future. While you receive a constant monthly income from rent, your rental investment will steadily increase its market value year by year.

  • YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE. What helps to make a good buy? The knowledge and expertise to choose the best investment property in terms of location, layout, and potential for rent and price increase. Or real estate agents are trained precisely to evaluate the value and potential of properties and to advise clients on a good deal, - a fair-priced house that will increase its value over time. 

  • NO NEED TO MANAGE THE RENTAL PROPERTY YOURSELF. Investing in rental property is not at all a hassle! There is no need to take care of the daily management of your property, or deal with the tenant yourself, as you can actually hire a property manager to do that on your behalf.

At Smart Shield Property Management, we are determined to create added value for our clients and partners, and look forward to helping you with your next property investment. Feel free to contact our team if you have questions about rental investment!

Credits: Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat on Pixabay.

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