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Should I use tools such as Cozy or Rentalutions on my rental property in Charlotte, NC?

With so many platforms out there, many landlords in the greater Charlotte area find it hard to choose the best tool to keep track of their rental business. What is best, use tools such as Cozy, Rentalutions, or choose a professional property manager instead? Our short answer is, it depends. Read more below.

The deciding factor in choosing an online portal to administer your rental business, or a property manager, instead, is what type of person you are. You must ask yourself whether you like to delve into daily administrative and management issues, or you generally prefer to hire a professional. Do you prefer to invest and track stocks on your own, or, on the contrary, you would rather entrust a broker with the job? Do you often hire lawn care professionals or house cleaners, or do you enjoy doing housework yourself?

If you realize you are a DIY person, then it is best to keep managing your rental business alone, and in that case, softwares such Cozy or Rentalutions are great platforms. They provide a means to stay in contact with the tenant, keep track of your rental business, and offer your tenants a convenient way to pay the rent. 

However, a professional property manager will not cost you much more than Cozy or Rentalutions, and choosing a property management company comes with considerable advantages: expertize, professional network, or keeping track of everything on your behalf.

If you have more questions about professional property management in the greater Charlotte area, feel free to drop us a line, and we will be happy to help!