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How real estate agents in Charlotte, NC can get more buyers by using their sphere of Influence

People buy property for a variety of reasons, from investing in real estate to finding a home. As a real estate agent, you meet many types of buyers, but not everyone is equally informed or ready to buy. A considerably smaller pool of your real estate leads actually end up signing a deal with you. We have already discussed in another post about how to increase the pool of ready-to-buy clients, but it is time to detail on how to obtain more qualified leads by using your sphere of influence.

One of the pressing issues for real estate agents is that many otherwise qualified leads are uninformed and scared of making the first step and investing in real estate. Despite their interest in becoming first-time investors, these leads often deter buying because of a lack the expertise about what a good deal looks like, or about the risks vs. benefits of investing.

Educate your leads!

Your role is crucial, because you need to educate your potential clients about all the aspects related to acquiring investment property, from market value and its change over time, to issues of property management and accounting. If you advise your clients about their options, you will not only serve their interest in a fair and professional manner, but also considerably increase the chances that they will entrust you with buying property for them.

You do not need to know it all!

Real estate agents have a wide array of contacts in the field, and often know property management partners. You do not need to know everything about rental investments, for instance. On the contrary, you can use your property management partners to guide and advise your clients, so they can benefit from the best available knowledge in the field. 

At Smart Shield Property Management, we are a team of property managers happy to provide you and your client with everything you need to know about managing rental properties. Drop us a line, and we will be happy to share our expertise!

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