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Can I get more qualified real estate leads in Charlotte, NC?

Reaching out to qualified leads is a hassle

Real estate colleagues in Charlotte, NC know well that the key to business growth is attracting more qualified leads. Sounds simple, but increasing the pool of leads that are ready to do business is actually a hassle! 

Whether you meet them online, or they were provided by your real estate sales company, a great deal of prospects in Charlotte are hard to work with, or simply do not know what they want. Inevitably, you end up wasting a lot of time and energy trying to close business, the customer churn rate skyrockets, and you have no results.

Property management companies are a great source of qualified leads

We would like to share a simple solution to increase your number of qualified leads. We have worked in property management for almost 20 years and know that rental property management companies are an invaluable source of viable prospects that are ready to close a deal. Who are these? Rental property owners and tenants. 

Great leads - rental property owners and tenants

Rental property management companies are often in contact with investors that want to start off a rental property business, or wish to add a new rental property to their existing business. Other landlords decide that it is time to sell their rental property. Sooner or later, tenants also decide to switch from renting to owning a house. These prospective customers often make their own research, are well informed, and ready to do business. Since many property management companies, just like us, do not do real estate sales, they are ready to refer these customers to you. 

One of the most effective strategies to increase the number of qualified leads in Charlotte and boost your business is to partner with a rental property management company. At Smart Shield Property Management, we have designed a special referral program to help you establish a relationship with us. 

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