Our Story

Our story begins in 2003 when our two founders met and began working together on various real estate deals and servicing our mutual clients with real estate sales, mortgage and lease-purchase solutions. But, over time, the service clients requested the most was property management. We realized the reason this was so needed because it was so hard to find good property management service. So, since 2009 they have obsessed over continuously fine-tuning the best services our industry has to offer. They have also both established themselves as leaders having served as board members in our industry trade organization, NARPM and been guests on national podcasts. As you look around our website you will find all of our innovative solutions on display.

Our team has spent a long time contemplating what is the one thing we do uniquely better than any other company we know. We Create Value. We hunt down every nook and cranny that we touch and create value in that space. We create value for our team, our landlords, our tenants, our vendors, local real estate agents and our referral partners. We achieve this mission through our three core values:

"We Create Value"

  1. Six-Star Service
    • Bad Companies - Provide poor service and their online reputation reflects that.
    • Good Companies - Have satisfied customers.
    • The Smart Shield Way - Our service level creates raving fans!
  2. Proprietary Processes
    • Bad Companies - Imagine baking the perfect cake, only you didn’t write down the recipe. You spend the rest of your life trying to rediscover that perfect recipe. Along the way, sometimes you end up with a very good cake and sometimes you end up with an inedible mess. Just like this, bad companies never take the time to develop and document the perfect plan to deliver that same great service every single time.
    • Good Companies - Imagine eating a store-bought cake or making a box cake. It’s okay, but it is not the same as a great homemade cake! Similarly, good companies use out of the box products, such as stock state-issued leases, or a systems manual that is generic and sold to thousands of companies.
    • The Smart Shield Way - We obsess over developing and documenting perfected processes for every single thing that we do. We do not use out of the box solutions, but customize everything we do, so our clients receive the smartest service and protection. The catch is that there is no such thing as a perfectly complete process, because the world around us is constantly changing and so constantly adapt and perfect our processes to match the current realities.
  3. Team of Problem-Solvers
    • Bad Companies - Miss or ignore problems, which creates bigger and worse problems.
    • Good Companies - Solve problems with standard and simplified answers which often results in win-lose scenarios. Someone may be happy with their solution, but someone came out a loser.
    • The Smart Shield Way - If property management were easy, landlords would have no need to hire professional management. The Smart Shield team thrives on and loves these daily challenges! It is where we have the opportunity to really shine, create value for every party involved and develop creative win-win solutions.

These core values are what make us tick, whether we decided to sell widgets or do property management. But, our particular area of expertise is the full service management of Charlotte area single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes and small to medium size multi-family properties. A large percentage of our clients live outside the area and, therefore, rely on Smart Shield Property Management to handle every aspect of managing their investments.